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The makings of me…. January 27, 2009

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So it has begun.  I am officially A. Thompson, S.N.

I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I am.  I have survived the first 3 weeks of nursing school. Last week I was a bit overwhelmed just thinking of everything.. work, school, mother, and wife oh my!   I had the devil throwing things at me at all angles but guess what, I prevailed.  I thanked God for his mercy and pressed.  I haven’t came this far for nothing, ya hear me. I will do this, whole heartedly and with much success. Devil you can kick rocks! I’ll cross bridges one at a time and as they come not let them manifest into something that they may never become.

I am in between reading and working dosage calculations for my first lecture and math exams on tomorrow.  I am anxious, scared, all of the above but know that I will get through it.  I may use all the allotted time but I want to take my time and not rush.  I don’t feel as prepared as I should be, I’m going to try to get to school a little earlier tomorrow to do some extra studying, reviewing, and reading.  The first week we were told that we were going to have a math test for Pharmacology.  I was shocked because I am taking pharmacology now and had to basically teach myself dosage calculations.  I have found that I do better doing the calculations via dimentional analysis, that’s the hard and long way so others say, but I find the shorter way confusing.  Do what works best for you… that’s what I’m doing.  I’m trying to find my place in a study group, weighing that against me studing by myself because sometimes I do better that way in all honesty but this is a different ball game.  I don’t know how to study for nursing school.  How does one study for nursing school- I guess that’s something that will come in time as the semester goes.. I could always scour the net for other suggestions.  This week in lab we’re practicing assessment.. this should be interesting. 

On the family front I’m learning that while there may be an on-going battle for my time these next two years, it will ultimately be the quality of time that I spend with the kids, not the quantity.  Seeing my children in the morning wakes me up, seeing there faces at night while they are sleeping brings tears to my eyes.  It’s funny because many thought that because I was a teenage mother, my children would be dumb, I would be on welfare and on housing (no disrespect to anyone that is because I grew up a child on welfare).. I wasn’t any of those things.  I remember when the high school counselor told me basically I was going to be a nobody for getting pregnant young… hmm.. it may have taken me a minute but guess what, I am a somebody. I mean, I’ve always been somebody but I am one nobody that proved the statistics wrong. This nobody just may take care of you or one of your family members one day.. isn’t that something.


Merry Christmas December 24, 2008

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Okay, I know it has been a minute since I have updated my blog.  It’s been crazy to say the least.  House updates from Ike, end of the fall semester (woohoo, I got a B in Chemistry), winter break for the itty bitty committee, Christmas shopping, and trying to complete stuff for nursing school. 

Instead of me getting back the beautiful card that I hoped to receive the BON, I got back a letter saying that I needed to complete a Declaratory Petition for something that is not on my record but that they can see on my DPS record… even though it’s dismissed and closed.  This was disheartening to say the least.  When we had our first orientation, our program director mentioned the Declaratory Order but to tell the truth, I really did not pay attention because I just knew it had nothing to do with me.  Now I’m scared out of my mind that this will be some kind of bump in the road for me.   My goal is to stay positive through this, mail what they are asking, explain myself and hopefully it will be cleared up soon.  I have came to far to let something like this stop me now, there ain’t no stopping me. 

Why come no one told me the amount of money that I had to shell out just to get the required stuff done for nursing school.  The physical, shots, uniforms, supplies, books, more supplies… I mean I know there was cost involved but goodness, I had no idea.  I’m not complaining.  Some day I will look back on all of this and laugh.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. 

It is Christmas Eve and to tell the truth I’m not in a Christmas mood like I usually am this time of year.  Christmas was my mom’s favorite holiday, I mean she went all out for her grandkids every year, maybe that’s where I get that from, hehehe.  I was sitting on the couch today looking in the kitchen and I had a flashback to the Christmas before last (2006) when she was standing with me in the kitchen showing me how to make cornbread dressing.  Tears came to my eyes, just as they are now, because I miss her sooooo much.  I made dressing by myself this year and I think it came out good, she would be proud…. Usually my sister and my nieces and nephew come over but they aren’t doing that either, that could be another reason why I’m down.  I look at my children and cheer up because I don’t want them to remember me being down on Christmas of all days.  Every Christmas she used to get sloppy drunk and play Christmas songs, this one was her favorite:

I play that for you momma, I miss you dearly and will love you always!  If I don’t get a chance to get back on here tomorrow, Merry Christmas every one.


He’s Not Done With Me Yet November 7, 2008

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Today one of my biggest hopes and dreams for myself came true.  My ACCEPTANCE LETTER for nursing school was sitting on my bed when I got home. I GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL!! I already knew my letter was here. I got my praise and stomp on at work, in the truck, in my bedroom, and even now as I type this. I am so happy, no words can describe how I am feeling right now. My daughters all had “congratulations” pictures that they had waiting for me and that brought even more tears to my eyes. My ten year daughter told me she was proud of me and I had to go and cry in my bathroom silently. I’m so grateful to have been given this chance and even more grateful that I can finally finish what I started out to do almost seven years ago.  Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers. Thank you God for allowing me to mature to do what I needed to do before I got to this point. Thank you Jesus because I know this is only the beginning and you’re not done with me yet.


A Little Background On Me November 1, 2008

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To say this has been a long time coming is not enough. I have been taking pre-requistes for nursing school since 2001, on and off, part time and full time class loads while working a full time job, being a mother and a wife. At times I doubted myself because I let everyone tell me that I could not work and attend nursing school so I listened more times than a few and started pursuing other degrees. Everytime I started on other degrees with the exception of teaching because I like to teach, I could not see myself doing that job for the rest of my life. I wanted a career and I wanted to be a nurse as I believe that I am destined to be.

I grabbed my boot straps and started researching other nursing schools in my area other than the main nursing school that has an evening program. To my surprise, I found one. I researched the school for almost a year, gathering information from all sources that I could. I prayed over it and took two of my classes that I had previously made C’s in to hopefully get A’s. Guess what, I got A’s in both classes. That achievement pressed me to go ahead and start studying for the entrance exam. In July 2008 I went and took the entrance exam and did really well. I called and told one of my good friends my score immediately after leaving the exam and my husband. I told no one else. I made up my mind at that point that I was going to apply to that one and only school so I did. I know that you are not supposed to put all of your eggs in one basket but I am walking on faith that this is in deed my time.

We are supposed to find out our results at the end of October or early November. I am beyond anxious but know if this is for me, it will happen. Like any other student awaiting an acceptance letter into their program of choice I don’t want to know in two more weeks, I want to know like yesterday, lol. So I sit and wait. Hopefully (crossing every bone in my body) I will be able to post some news yay or nay in another two weeks.


Hello Moto..

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Hello blogging world. This blog will serve as my home away from home, my sanity away from becoming insane, my refuge, my tree house in the sky… well you get it, lol… for becoming a student nurse and beyond. I hope to share with others such as myself that are parents, full time employees and have children (hey I have four that I affectionately call my itty bitty committee) or any other student nurses that are still pursuing their dreams. I hope you all enjoy my so-called life!


Hello world!

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