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He’s Not Done With Me Yet November 7, 2008

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Today one of my biggest hopes and dreams for myself came true.  My ACCEPTANCE LETTER for nursing school was sitting on my bed when I got home. I GOT INTO NURSING SCHOOL!! I already knew my letter was here. I got my praise and stomp on at work, in the truck, in my bedroom, and even now as I type this. I am so happy, no words can describe how I am feeling right now. My daughters all had “congratulations” pictures that they had waiting for me and that brought even more tears to my eyes. My ten year daughter told me she was proud of me and I had to go and cry in my bathroom silently. I’m so grateful to have been given this chance and even more grateful that I can finally finish what I started out to do almost seven years ago.  Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers. Thank you God for allowing me to mature to do what I needed to do before I got to this point. Thank you Jesus because I know this is only the beginning and you’re not done with me yet.


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