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The makings of me…. January 27, 2009

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So it has begun.  I am officially A. Thompson, S.N.

I can’t begin to tell you guys how excited I am.  I have survived the first 3 weeks of nursing school. Last week I was a bit overwhelmed just thinking of everything.. work, school, mother, and wife oh my!   I had the devil throwing things at me at all angles but guess what, I prevailed.  I thanked God for his mercy and pressed.  I haven’t came this far for nothing, ya hear me. I will do this, whole heartedly and with much success. Devil you can kick rocks! I’ll cross bridges one at a time and as they come not let them manifest into something that they may never become.

I am in between reading and working dosage calculations for my first lecture and math exams on tomorrow.  I am anxious, scared, all of the above but know that I will get through it.  I may use all the allotted time but I want to take my time and not rush.  I don’t feel as prepared as I should be, I’m going to try to get to school a little earlier tomorrow to do some extra studying, reviewing, and reading.  The first week we were told that we were going to have a math test for Pharmacology.  I was shocked because I am taking pharmacology now and had to basically teach myself dosage calculations.  I have found that I do better doing the calculations via dimentional analysis, that’s the hard and long way so others say, but I find the shorter way confusing.  Do what works best for you… that’s what I’m doing.  I’m trying to find my place in a study group, weighing that against me studing by myself because sometimes I do better that way in all honesty but this is a different ball game.  I don’t know how to study for nursing school.  How does one study for nursing school- I guess that’s something that will come in time as the semester goes.. I could always scour the net for other suggestions.  This week in lab we’re practicing assessment.. this should be interesting. 

On the family front I’m learning that while there may be an on-going battle for my time these next two years, it will ultimately be the quality of time that I spend with the kids, not the quantity.  Seeing my children in the morning wakes me up, seeing there faces at night while they are sleeping brings tears to my eyes.  It’s funny because many thought that because I was a teenage mother, my children would be dumb, I would be on welfare and on housing (no disrespect to anyone that is because I grew up a child on welfare).. I wasn’t any of those things.  I remember when the high school counselor told me basically I was going to be a nobody for getting pregnant young… hmm.. it may have taken me a minute but guess what, I am a somebody. I mean, I’ve always been somebody but I am one nobody that proved the statistics wrong. This nobody just may take care of you or one of your family members one day.. isn’t that something.


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